I haven’t given up the idea of cooking at home, just the practice… But this past week we managed to cook easy dinners at home, and we have renewed enthusiasm for eating healthy home-cooked meals.

Here is a must-try recipe: A warm curried salad of lentils (or other grains), sautéed carrots and mango: http://tastespace.wordpress.com/2011/09/02/moroccan-curried-carrot-mango-and-lentil-salad/. Anything that includes the holly trinity mango-cilantro-lime must be good!

I have some other ideas I picked up from the amazing meal at Custom House Tavern in Chicago:
– a roasted carrot risotto flavored with caraway seeds, including pistachios and accompanied by a lemon-flavored carrot puree.
– lemon-flavored polenta, or even polenta cooked risotto-style, with Parmesan and lemon. A nice accompaniment to roasted vegetables.

The menu of Native Foods, a vegan fast food restaurant, is also worth exploring – there are some ideas there for salads (like the samosa salad) that might be worth exploring.

Do you have a recipe that includes mango-cilantro-lime? I’d be grateful if you share it with me!