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Leaves blowing in the wind

photo credit: flickr user sparetomato

It’s been very windy in Indiana in the past few weeks. The cool, dry, windy weather is likely to lead to vatta imbalances. That’s exactly what happened to me. I was busy, stressed, and scattered. My mind was racing to all the things I had to do, just like a leaf blown by the wind in random directions. I spent a week, or maybe even 10 days, forgetting that I could take a deep breath, forgetting that I had some skills to settle down and help myself feel better – let alone actually practicing them.

Then things settled down a bit, I finished some tasks that had been piling up, and external circumstances allowed me to take a minute to think. I realized then that I had the symptoms of vatta imbalance. And that exactly when I need it the most, that’s when I forget to slow down or don’t have the patience to do so.

I started dressing warmer, eating cooked, warm foods such as cooked Morrocan lentils, roasted butternut squash (see previous posts). At least on weekends, I took the time to give myself a warming oil massage, and I took time to practice a vatta pacifying yoga sequence (from this book).

Now, I’m trying to make a conscious effort to slow down, take that breath, make some time for yoga no matter what. Yesterday, I was full of energy and ready to get going and start my errands for the weekend. I wasn’t in the mood for slowing down, I was eager to get out the door. And yesterday, I was lucky enough to realize, that it is exactly on days like that, when I’m ready to burst out the door like a gust of Fall wind, that I need to slow down, touch the base, warm up, get grounded, and only then go, step by mindful step.

Emergency Procedures

1. Breathe.

2. Stay with it. Don’t try to judge it, label it,
diagnose it, fight it, fix it. Just sit and watch.

3. Give your mind time to quiet down. But don’t
get caught in endless rumination (see #2 above).

4.On an exhale, dive deeper down, where waters
are still and blue. (iTunes link, see episode 221, Presence)

5. No worries, all you have to do is breathe.