After being deeply moved and impressed by Brenee Brown’s TED talks, I picked up her book, The Gifts of Imperfection. It is based on a lot of (qualitative!) research, it is warm, honest, and helpful – not in the cheesy self-help kind of way.

One of the findings Brenee writes about is this emergency procedure used by wholehearted people. You know those moments where, she explains, you have to dig deep to find an extra ounce of energy to push through the day/task/moment.

I think this procedure can be applied just as well to crisis moments. You know that feeling when you get an email and your heart sinks, then starts racing, then blood boils in fear and outrage. The first thing most of us do is to start typing furiously in an attempt to solve the problem quickly, to get rid of it. Luckily, many times we don’t actually send those emails! What if instead of tapping on the keyboard we were to DIG? That is, we would get…

Deliberate – by taking a moment to breathe, reflect, pray, etc.
Inspired – after step 1 above; and only then get:
Going and take action?

I get it. I dig it. But I can’t always remember it in that moment of crisis when I feel tired and flustered.

As the saying goes, the challenge is not to be mindful – it is to remember to be mindful. What tips do you have for remembering to be mindful in (mini) crisis situations?