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Loved this, and it was easy to make.

Walnut pesto, sun-dried tomato and tofu pasta

Walnut pesto, sun-dried tomato and tofu pasta

The interesting part here is the tofu. I cubed it, froze it, defrost it (this takes the water out of it), marinated it in lemon juice+dill+soy sauce, pan-fried it, then added the cooked pasta, the pesto, and the sun-dried tomatoes. With a bit of planning ahead (I made the pesto this past weekend, and froze the tofu as soon as I bought it, so all I had to do was defrost and marinate overnight), this is a very easy recipe.

The tofu was very lemony and flavorful, and the right texture – not soft and crumbly, not hard, not chewy.

Served with an arugula salad with cantaloupe and goat cheese, which was amazing, but I forgot to photograph.

cantaloupe arugula salad

cantaloupe arugula salad from Vegetarian Times

Fresh 20 and last night’s dinner

In a (continuing) effort to cook our own food, I bought a Groupon for this service called Fresh 20. They send weekly meal plans (vegetarian and gluten-free available!) with shopping lists and nutrition information and thus take the thinking out of cooking. Given that for me, the creative part takes more time (and anguish) than the prep itself, it seemed the perfect solution! I just activated my subscription (vegetarian) and I am happy to report that the recipes are interesting and appealing. But I didn’t make them. And that’s OK. Because they provided inspiration and ideas, so I couldn’t help but put my own twist on things.

So, what was for dinner yesterday?

Lentil-potato cakes, inspired by Fresh 20’s Mediterranean cakes recipe. I made mine with cooked lentils and potatoes, egg, bread, lots of parsley and dill, Moroccan seasoning, and added in peas and carrots for a bit of color and texture variation.

Lentil potato cakes

And watermelon salad with feta cheese, almonds, and mint, served with warm pita (in our case, store-bought naan):

Watermelon salad with feta and almonds

It was a nice summer meal, and most of the time was taken by boiling the lentils and potatoes, so I guess it counts as easy? – OK, medium difficulty 🙂