We went to a Santana concert this summer, and a couple of pieces of Santana wisdom stuck with me:

“There are only two forces in the universe: love and fear.”

—- probably an oversimplification, but it explains a lot about human (and animal?) behavior.

“You are made of light and  love.”

This is lovely hippie wisdom, although I’m sure it has older roots than Woodstock.

It made me think this of the body:

We are light and love (LL), and temporarily borrow and inhabit a body. The body is a wonderful thing, but not an end in itself. Worshiping and worrying about the body as an end in itself is like worshiping some bag of bones. Yes, the body needs taking care of, not only because it does wonderful things for us (nourishment, transportation) but also because it is an interface to this essence of light and love.

For one, we use the body to breathe, and conscious breath does wonderful things for LL. Yoga postures, tai chi, qi gong movements are examples of using the body to interface with energy, and liberating, cleansing, growing, LL.

You don’t need me to say that the hierarchy is reversed in our contemporary (at least Western) world. Many spirits are killed, or obsessed with the body, leading, in some cases, to heart-breaking illness that ends up, ironically, hurting the body.

How do you use your body to care for your spirit?