This came about out of the need to use up halves of various vegetables left in the fridge and eat a healthy dinner. I used:

  • mango (not too ripe)
  • carrots
  • red cabbage
  • red bell pepper
  • cucumber
  • cilantro
  • mint (no matter what, do not miss the mint! It adds tremendous flavor.)
  • peanuts (regular and chili lime peanuts from Trader Joe’s)

I was going to make a yogurt curry dressing, but I discovered I didn’t have any ginger, so I improvised by mixing a bit of lemongrass paste from a tube with yogurt, salt, and a drop of Dijon mustard. The dressing was very light and tasty!

Of course, the best part of Thai food is the peanut sauce… and we like it so much I figured K would eat veggie protein (Quorn chickenless chicken) if it’s doused in peanut sauce.

Thai salad 1


It worked! Here is the salad, served on puffed rice (rice noodles, rice, or quinoa would also work), with the veggie protein on top.Thai salad 2

This salad is inspired by the quinoa with mango and curried yogurt one from Epicurious.