For reasons I can’t quite explain, because I don’t know that I’ve had it before, I was craving Swiss chard. I found some recipes online, and used them as inspiration to saute the chard in a white wine and mustard sauce (the Internet didn’t say that, but it did teach me how to cut and prepare it) and, when done, I added in some cooked beans, chopped cherry tomatoes, and feta cheese. There are some interesting recipes out there with pine nuts and red currants (!) but I had some polenta left over and wanted something more savory.

I served it between two slices of lightly pan-seared polenta. (Confession: yay for instant polenta – I still can’t deal with the real stuff, but this is tasty enough for me.)

polenta swiss chardNote to self: here is another interesting recipe to try this winter: swiss chard and brown rice gratin