I just finished reading Yoga Bitch – and I guess I’m really enjoying the Yoga memoir genre. The book was very funny and some moments were so “out there” that I was really surprised to get to the end and figure out it was a memoir, not a piece of fiction!

Too often, I find in yoga circles this unconditional acceptance of ideas and behaviors that would benefit from questioning… all this in the name of being nice, or yogic. Morrison brings a healthy skepticism to her yoga adventure. I identified with the critical examination (even of things she could not control, such as the relationship with Indra, her yoga teacher), humor, and -gasp! how un-yogic!- her sarcasm. The word “bitch” in the title makes it clear that these questioning attitudes are considered un-yogic in the nouveau hippie, new age, starry-eyed contemporary yoga ethos.

To me, her relationship with Indra was the most complex part of the book that shed light on an important dynamic that seems to happen a lot after we have imported yoga – but not all its social structures and practices – into the West. But that idea of the guru in the West deserves a post of its own.

I’m thinking my friend Karen would enjoy this book – or maybe even be able to write a funnier one! 🙂 I really want to send her my copy, except it’s in iBooks…

Overall, nice read, very entertaining, light yet a bit thought-provoking.