Loved this, and it was easy to make.

Walnut pesto, sun-dried tomato and tofu pasta

Walnut pesto, sun-dried tomato and tofu pasta

The interesting part here is the tofu. I cubed it, froze it, defrost it (this takes the water out of it), marinated it in lemon juice+dill+soy sauce, pan-fried it, then added the cooked pasta, the pesto, and the sun-dried tomatoes. With a bit of planning ahead (I made the pesto this past weekend, and froze the tofu as soon as I bought it, so all I had to do was defrost and marinate overnight), this is a very easy recipe.

The tofu was very lemony and flavorful, and the right texture – not soft and crumbly, not hard, not chewy.

Served with an arugula salad with cantaloupe and goat cheese, which was amazing, but I forgot to photograph.

cantaloupe arugula salad

cantaloupe arugula salad from Vegetarian Times