This is based on a recipe I saw in a magazine (Yoga Journal?). It’s the first time I made it, but it shouldn’t be the last!

It’s a simple salad with cooked quinoa, sweet potatoes (steamed or baked, cubed), and almonds. I added some golden raisins. For the dressing, the main ingredient was fresh ginger (LOTS of it!), which I blended with honey, apple cider vinegar, tamarind chutney, a few drops of chili-sesame oil, and… ginger ale (the recipe called for orange juice, but I didn’t have any).

It is an easy, satisfying meal, packed with layers of flavor from the dressing. We had it with plain Greek yogurt on the side.

It doesn’t look spectacular, so, no picture (although this time my husband reminded me before it was too late!).