The food blogging is not going very well, because I don’t remember to take a photo of the dish until after I finished eating it :). Mindfulness, anybody?

Anyway, I am continuing the eating at home experiment, there have been some setbacks, but all is not lost.

Sunday night dinner was quite a success, and even though there are no pictures, it’s worth posting here so I remember to make it again someday.

We started with a baby arugula salad, topped with grilled asparagus, with a lemon-parmesan dressing (lemon juice, parmesan, olive oil, salt & pepper whisked together), which I served with toasted french bread.

The entree was quinoa (cooked simply, according to package directions – OK, so I toasted it a bit in butter before boiling) topped with caramelized onions and goat cheese. This is a recipe I saw in Bittman’s “How to Cook Everything Vegetarian,” but I just used the title for inspiration, I didn’t actually read or follow the recipe.

I’m working from home today and freezing because of the open windows… trying to let all the cooking smells out. But the caramelized onions were yummy enough to be worth it! The most unpleasant part of cooking at home is the lingering food smell… I hate it. How do you deal with it?